Our mission

To build tools that cultivate financially healthy communities.


Our Vision

Generate equitable financial access for everyone.

The Problem

Around the world there are over 2 Billion un-banked and under-banked people. Even here in our own backyard, 57% percent of Americans are considered to be financially unhealthy. These statistics point to widespread financial marginalization and insecurity.

Why Esusu?

Rotational Savings and Credit Associations, often referred to as ROSCA, are a common and successful system in which a group of people regularly come together to pool their savings so that they can distribute the proceeds to a different member of the group on a rotational basis. Esusu is built upon this trust based communal system, which has been paper based for centuries. 

By digitizing ROSCA practices, Esusu will create better financial outcomes for communities in the United States. This is because our system is:

  • Secure
  • Time efficient
  • Accessible everywhere to smartphone owners in the USA
  • Easy and fun to use

The Esusu platform allows us to measure, track and report user contributions to major credit bureaus. This information exchange will help Esusu users build their credit profiles and ultimately gain greater access to mainstream financial solutions in the future.

Our Commitment

We pledge to reinvest a majority of our profits into our social mission.